Go for extensions – Added value, Specifications matters and Reduced Cost

Go for extensions - Added value, Specifications matters and Reduced Cost
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Go for extensions – Added value, Specifications matters and Reduced Cost

  • March 27, 2021


We do recognize the fact that considering building up a home extension is far more convenient than shifting to a new house. According to one of the service takers of a house extension in Burham, “If we consider building a whole new house or shifting to a newly built house, then we have to bring changes in each thing, but opting up for extension facilitates you with only 30 to 40% change in your living.” This is the main reason that building up of the house extensions Gerrards cross is being taken up by many natives. So if you are still doubtful whether you should be opting up for building house extension or shift in a new house then , read the following:

  • Adds Value

Let us illustrate that if before building the extension, the value of the property was 50,000$ then obviously after the building up of the extension, the value will be increased and depending upon the dimensions of the extension and the purpose you have built it for, one can estimate the overall prove for the whole property which can be easily stretched to 60 to 70000$.

For example: If you have built a special place for kids that includes all amenities which they are requiring, then the families who are having children will find your place worth purchasing at an even increased amount.

  • Beneficial than shifting

If you shift into a newly built house, then first of all you have to watch for the property, get it cleaned and ensure that the electricity supply is proper. Afterwards, you have to hire movers and packers. The cost to transfer the goods to the new place will also be incurred. Then you have to place the belongings in their proper place. Afterwards, sometimes you may find the situation of the bed proper while other times you may find it obstructive. For a period of almost you will not be able to bring about a properly settled home-like feeling. Who can forget the fact to get familiar with the neighbours? So all in all we know how cumbersome it is to shift to a new house. But building an extension is a convenient option.

  • Get your specifications implemented

If you are thinking that while opting up for the home extensions you will be doing a compromise with your specification. Well! That is not. Because you will be able to tell the architect the specifications which he should include while planning the outline of the extension.

  • Is planning permission always necessary?

Planning permission is not always necessary. Because there are legislations in which we require planning permission only if the dimensions of the extensions are exceeding the boundary as specified by the government.


What more can we want, if by just making optimum use of the space which is not being used we can intensify our living style. So what are you waiting for, Hurry book an appointment with the professionals of the Apex Builders to bring a positive change in your lives?