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Hire an Atomic Build specialist from Apex Build Contractors for quality work.

Timber, mortar and Brick outbuildings Farnham Royal, Atomic Build experts at Apex Build Contractors specialize in giving the best design and outbuilding construction. Our team can create a bespoke design as per your needs to make it look the best. We make sure to follow a unique approach so that there is no chance for error. With our team, we always focus on giving importance to every intricate detail in the project. We plan, design, engineer, surveyor, and build the project to give you maximum satisfaction. We ensure to give you the best results brick & mortar or timber outbuildings Farnham Royal because this is what our every client deserves.

Are you looking for outbuilding professionals in your area?
How are outbuildings used?

Outbuildings can perform any function you are looking for. Be it be changing the living space to a storage area or a workshop. The outbuilding is separate from the main house in terms of design but it can increase the living space area and helps you have a new space for living. Not just the building structure, but we create the garden area and the best landscape features along with the pond & pools to make the place look the best.

How atomic build is beneficial?

At Apex Build Contractors, we combine passion and vision with experience and technical skills. To make the project a success, the outbuilding should fit in the natural environment & it should meet the needs of the client.

Our multidisciplinary approach is what makes everything go smoothly. Most importantly all the possible standards are met and maintenance is done so that everything is tailored as per your needs.

How is the outbuilding process completed?

Our team has years of experience in completing every work with perfection, and 100% desired results. No matter what is the scale or size, we ensure to complete every project with perfection.

  • Free site meeting

Our team will come to the site to understand the scope of the project and what is your budget. Additionally, proper gap analysis is done.

  • Pre-construction pack

For the building work, you get a forecast, understand the timescale, and different stages of construction.

  • Proper design development

The project manager will do the feasibility study along with visualizing the project and completing the architectural drawings.

  • Understand the contract

The contract team will be defined, suppliers will be mentioned, and a capable team will be assigned the work.

  • Commencing the project

It is important to follow a safety and health audit that comes with managing the quality control system.

  • Deployment and project completion

Once everything is done as per your needs the team will leave the site. Before leaving, they will make sure if you have any issue then it needs to be taken care of.

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