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Everything you need to know about the outbuilding specialists for reliable work.

Brick, Mortar, Timber Outbuilding Gerrards Cross, If you are looking for a storage area for your modern car, garden studio, workshop or home office, oak-framed carriage house with adjoining log store, with our specialists the work will be done with perfection. 

Be it a simple & functional timber-made structure to getting something modern, we have got everything covered for you. With our custom-built specifications and effective insulation solutions, the entire project will be done properly. With professionals, you will get the Brick & mortar or timber outbuildings Gerrards Cross along with roofing options as per your needs. 

How are outbuildings helpful?

Outbuildings can perform any function you are looking for. Whether you want a storage area, workshops, or living spaces, it is the best option for everything. With the outbuilding, your main house gets separated in terms of the design. By doing so, the living area is extended, and you are going to have a new way of living. Our Apex build Contractors is not only experienced in creating the building structures but the landscape and garden area can be expanded such as ponds and pools can be added. 

Our specialist’s unique approach is going to make the project complete with perfection. Our team focuses on the big picture so that all the intricacies of the project are completed on time. We produce nothing but the best results and this is the reason we are trusted by our clients. 

Timber Garages

You can store the classic car, ride-on mower, or family bikes. As per your needs, the garages are designed, and space is utilized properly. You can even include additional doors, a log store, and extra storage space so that you have an ideal garage space. 

Timber Workshops

Timber workshops are sturdy and solid options that allow them to last for a long time. It means you can have a place which you have always wished for. 

Carriage Houses & Cart Lodges

With the oak-framed and pressure-treated timber carriage, your house is going to sit comfortably along with the modern & contemporary space. You can even get them in different styles and sizes.

Car Ports

The carports are the best option who are looking for a safe place to keep the car without the need of closing & opening the doors. Moreover, the planning implications are less with this, and you can get them according to your style and even get the size altered. 

How do the specialists carry out the work?

Working with APEXBUILD professionals, the process is broken down into different categories like:

  • Pre-construction pack

The team will give you information regarding the construction stages, building works, and timescales. 

  • Free site meeting

The budget and scope of the project will be determined & then understanding the gap analysis. 

  • Detailed design development

A feasibility study will be done & architectural drawings will be done & necessary visualizations. 

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