Double Storey Extentions

Double storey extension Builders Uxbridge, house extensions Uxbridge, Double storey extension refurbishment & installation

Double storey extension Builders Uxbridge 

Get the double storey extension from the experienced and skilled builders.


House extensions Uxbridge, Double storey extension refurbishment & installation Uxbridge, Double storey extension is going to let you enjoy the living space to the fullest. From getting the planning permission to understanding the extension costs, the professionals for the Double storey extension Builders Uxbridge can make everything go right for you.

Double storey extensions are a cost-effective choice for those who are planning to move the house & planning to increase the size. If you are looking for specialists for Double storey extension refurbishment & installation then reach out to us today only. You can add a valuable living space so that you can spend more time with your family. This way your house is going to look balanced and you will feel comfortable. Apex build contractors team of house extensions Uxbridge is going to help to transform your entire home

Is a double storey extension going to add value to your place?

Adding an extension will cost you but in the long run, it will be beneficial for the property. However, in comparison to moving on a large property, it is going to cost you less. The professionals are going to tell you what will work best for you. Keep in mind, there is a limit to how much value can be added to your place. If you are struggling to make the final choice then our professionals can guide you properly on what works best for your place.

How double storey extension can prove effective as compared to a single storey?

Whether you go with a single or double height design you are going to pay for the additional floor and there will be extended walls which lead to increased space. The property market is diverse and it is increasing which is going to add value in every sense. Make sure to look upon the local market because the value can get impacted by demand and supply.

How tall the double-storey extension can be?

The roof-storey extension can get affected due to roof height. With the planning policy, the extension should be according to the house so that its height is not taller as compared to the existing roof. If lowe ceiling is the problem then some of the possible solutions are

  • In new rooms utilizing the lower ceiling heights. (it is needed for the first-floor level)
  • Setting the extension in the ground a little bit.
  • Partially integrating upstairs rooms into the roof space.

The flat roof can work well with any area of the size but it is not considered beneficial with the double-story extension. Another possible option without creating too much height is small intersecting traditional pitched roofs at the angle of 40 and 55 degrees.

Is there any limit to double storey extension footprint?

Planning rules limit how fat the 2-storey extension project can go and how much close it can stay to the boundary. The project should not go further than a line from 45 degrees which is present horizontally in the sightlines.

How can the cost of a 2-storey extension be cut down?

If you think you can save money with DIY then it might be possible but it is not going to be economical. Having the double-story extension is a major project and with the help of professionals, the work can be done properly. They know the correct way of working on different stages which ensure installation is done correctly.

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