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What is the need of getting planning permission for governing outbuildings?

Getting the planning permission for the outbuildings

Outbuildings Contractors in Uxbridge, Planning permission refers to the permission which is needed for legally building the land or changing the way the existing building structure needs to be used. With the assistance of the Outbuildings Contractors Uxbridge you will get the planning permission that needs to be made in regards to the local planning authority. They will give you information regarding all the necessary documents & important information which needs to be taken into consideration.

Planning the outbuilding

Outbuildings and garden sheds are considered under the permitted developments. 

  • The outbuildings and garden sheds need to be one story and the height should not be more than 2.5 meters.
  • If the garden shed is within the range of 2 meters then the maximum height should not be more than 2.5 meters.
  • There should not be any raised platforms, verandas, or balconies.
  • If there is a designated land that has buildings, enclosures, and containers, then without getting the planning permission further steps cannot be taken.

What are the building regulations?

If you are looking to construct a small and detached building like the ones with a tool shed then ensure that you only proceed further when you have got the planning permission. The regulations will not be taken into account when the ground is more than 15 meters. For the floor area of 15 to 30 square meters, it is important to take into account the building regulations. If the building construction is made through the use of non-combustible material then the approval of the building regulation is not needed.

Are there any special considerations?

Special considerations are categorized as the ones when more than which color needs to be painted. It also includes additional scenarios like the tool shed, other outbuildings, and garden shed.

What about the designated land?

If the building is found on the designated land, the other limitations are also there. It will include the world heritage sites, broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, and outbuilding areas. If you are the owner of these properties then are some of the important steps which need to be followed:

  • The total area which the shed covers should excess of 20 meters which is away from the wall. If the necessary steps are taken into account then it comes under the permitted development.
  • On the designated land, if there is a need of constructing a garden then the side of the property should not have the structures. Get the planning permission before proceeding further.

What about the listed buildings?

The listed buildings have the historic value attached to them and making any change in them that affected their appearance can be problematic. But that does not mean there are not many options. You simply need to investigate and know from the professionals about what you need to do.

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