What is the process of stripping the plaster during the renovation project?

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What is the process of stripping the plaster during the renovation project?

  • June 14, 2021


During the renovation project, different things need to be carried out. Initially, there is a need to get the consent application granted. During the starting phase, the stripping out of the modern finishes needs to be done to ensure that building character is maintained to the fullest.

Strip the plaster from the ground floor

Initially, the plaster from the ground floor needs to be stripped away. After this, the investigation process was carried out in different test patches to look at the plaster nature and see the way it will stick to the wall. The wall condition was properly checked and how everything was there.

Opting for the new techniques

Our team worked the entire way with the new techniques to remove the plaster without the need of damaging what is present under the wall fabric. Well! There are different ways in which the work can be done.

Through the entire process, we understood one thing – the plaster was extremely hard and it was cement-based. Some of the places were thick and had patches of 150mm. All this led to many serious issues and there was a problem building it properly. As it was non breathable, inflexible, and extremely heavy. Initially, we got to know that everything was separated readily from the stonework. The material was not compatible and the removal was possible by using the breaker but with an extreme case.

We also came to understand that the construction mortar is in the stone walls and there was very little lime. It means, everything was friable and it has the property to turn into dust even with minimal encouragement.

When the plaster was removed, the stones were removed in place and it was not in the best manner. In the process, it was known that walls were more stable than it was thought of and the walls were 2 feet thick. The plaster was removed with small patches of stonework that needed repair or consolidation.

Opted for a different technique to make the work easier

Many of the surfaces on the wall were crumbly and there were different variables. We opted for the method to cut of the plaster into different sections which will be levered off and very little damage was put on it

The entire operation was carried out with clay-based plaster with modern gypsum. The patch repair was done in the entire place. The most difficult part was the one exposed with stone. As they had nasty plaster and some of the sections were around 100mm thick which was stuck with stone-like material of PVA and something different.

It was difficult to get it done and in the process, the residue was left off from the stone. Every section needs to be cleaned by using a wire brush. Once the work was done, our team made sure to wipe off the entire area completely.

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Renovation: How professionals fix unsafe features in the renovation project?

  • June 12, 2021


Renovation is one of the best ways to make your building get planned the way you want it to be. Sometimes, the condition is not right which makes people think that the work is not done correctly. Whether it is just a staircase or you want to get the room altered, then the professionals can get everything renovated for you. The experts will use the right kind of fundamentals which will make sure the entire process is well-managed.

Stairs have unsafe foot drop

When the house was built, there was simply one room with 3 windows and a fireplace. There was some evidence that the earlier house was a pub and some trace of catering operations. Due to this, the floorboards have an intriguing slot cut which tells a lot about their history.

One corner was divided to make a washroom and there were removed partition walls that divided the entire place into various shaped rooms. The floorboards were not in the best state. There were many holes on the walls and plaster was not there in many places which made the situation quite alarming.

While inspecting the entire place, one thing which I understood was that there were no structural problems. There were floor joists and the carpenter got everything done. The necessary repair work was carried out which was done to make the floor safe.

During the process, some joists were braced below the washroom and this helped the length to be managed. Through the floor safe, the bathroom was easy to remove and get it back to the single large room.

Fibreboard was replaced from the ceiling along with the plastered ceiling. In addition, 2 of the windows needed to be changed as they were of poor quality. Everything was replaced to make sure the modern and improved systems are used in the bathroom, main bedroom, and dressing room. For the entire process, the patch repair was needed and the fireplace needs to be exposed to make it an interesting feature.

The renovation made the floor safe

Before we considered the house for repairs, many others were considering it at the same time. But, due to the situation, no one wanted to take the project. As the problems were huge so one wanted to consider taking it. Our entire team considered the entire place to make it look the best. The carpenters fixed everything again from the floorboards to fixing the plasters. It was done to make it safe and effective.

Ready for renovation

From the bathroom to the bedroom, we made sure the length was right and everything was put correctly below the surface. Most importantly, the flooring was made safe and the fiberboard was replaced with something better. The windows were replaced with quality and modern material.

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