What is the connotation of permitted planning in the context of loft conversions?

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What is the connotation of permitted planning in the context of loft conversions?

  • January 5, 2021


Loft conversions are a way of giving your apartment a new look. Loft Conversions in Farnham Royal is carried out by following necessary and issued guidelines by the state. Permissions regarding Loft Conversions in Gerrards Cross is a way to get a certificate that remarks the building completion as ideal and legal. Following are the frequently asked questions about loft conversions permitted planning:

  • Is it mandatory to take permission before planning?

 It is inescapable to take permission when you are planning for the loft conversion. These permissions are regarding what developments you can do and which are not legally favored. It is to ensure that no property is going anti-development rules. Generally, it is allowed to do loft conversions up to a limit. You are not allowed to build up 20-30 cubic meters of your property on top of the existing one. More raising of property comes under the category of illegal one.


  • What are the guidelines related to permitted planning?


There are certain guidelines for legal planning:


  • One is not allowed in any case to build or construct the area more than the specified volume.
  • One is not even allowed to raise the property higher than the specified guideline.
  • Be very sure to mark a considerable distance from the gutter spot and your window or dormer.


  • What is the connotation of a conservation area? Is my possession the one?


The conservation area is the one that the state takes good care of. The state is very particular to issued guidelines in this regard. To find out whether your property is the one or not just type on “ Xyz conservation area map”. A map will be made available to you for this.


  • Can you still plan if your property is a conservation one?


Yeah!! One can surely plan for development even if one’s property comes under the area of conservation. Some liberties are granted for the development planning in the conservation area. One must go through all the liberties that one can have in the context of conversion.


  • What are liberties if I get my planning permitted in the conservation area?


It completely depends on the town to town and from street to street which liberties are to be granted Some allow you to construct a portion to an extent of some units. Some even allow you to have roof terraces.

What is the procedure of taking permission for planning?

The rules which regulate the building and construction activities are known as building regulations. Under building regulations, there is a complete check-up of the following credential:


  • Security
  • Safety
  • Accessibility


If any of the development is a hindrance in these credentials then you won’t be getting permission for the same. Another important thing to keep in mind is the service of notice to the local council to make them aware of the ongoing construction activity and after the completion, it is indispensable to be provided with the Building control completion certificate.