What are the types of general contractors and subcontractors for new homes?

What are the types of general contractors and subcontractors for new homes
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What are the types of general contractors and subcontractors for new homes?

  • April 28, 2021


Types of Contractors for the dream build

To build your dream home and that too from the scratch there is a need for several contractors. You need to choose the new build contractors carefully and make sure to go with someone who is experienced.

Who is a general contractor?

With the assistance of the general contractor, the entire process of the new build will be managed. Although, there is no need to get specialized education. You simply need to pass the written examination before you get the required license for it. The general contractor is accountable to do the following things:

  • Check as estimation regarding the labor & material
  • Hire and manage the subcontractors
  • Coordinate about the subcontractor’s work
  • Make sure all the necessary schedule are met on time
  • Take into account the entire construction process.

From start to finish, they are going to manage the entire project and the subcontractor working with them will do most of the work.

Who is a subcontractor?

The subcontractor is accountable to do the specialized task for the home build. They have a great level of expertise which helps to work in a faster manner.

Types of subcontractors

If you are planning to start the new build, you need to be aware of the subcontractors who will work together to make your project a success. The most common ones are:

Security System Installation

Security experts’ job is not limited to installing cameras but they are well-aware of the latest security system and how these are going to work.


With the assistance of professional carpenters, there will be seamless and ripple-free carpeting along with border carpeting to wood, tile, and other surfaces.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air, and Conditioning experts who are going to install the system. Moreover, they match all the components & they give the necessary advice regarding the design & placement. Through this, the home will be properly heated, vented, and cooled in all weather conditions.

Electrical wiring

When the electrical codes are changed, it helps to understand the breakers which are needed and the outlets along with it. Through this, it even helps to understand the placements which are needed in one particular room. When you hire an experienced electrician the code updates will be made from time to time and they even have the skills to handle the complex work.


Technology subcontractors can build smart homes and they have the skills to install the communication system and connected devices at your place. They will choose all those options which will be compatible with all the systems.

Plumbing expert

Through the plumbing installation, all the piping will be rightly connected at your place. They have the expertise to install the water system to the drainage system. Moreover, they have all the necessary knowledge which helps in boosting the working of the system.


Roofing experts are well-aware of installing all the types of roofs and each one of them has different installation methods. From the flat aggregate roof to solar panel, the roofing specialist will give nothing but quality work.

Apart from these subcontractors, there are a lot more whom you can hire for the new build:

  • Foundation: Expertise in choosing the right material and method for the structure
  • Drywall: Installation of walls at your home
  • Masonry: Skilled about the right type of stonework for interior & exterior
  • Ceramic Tiling: Tiling professionals choose the best tiling options
  • Landscaping: Proficient in natural aesthetics and outdoor drainage