What are the different types of contractors? How do they carry out the work?

Type of Contractors

What are the different types of contractors? How do they carry out the work?

  • July 27, 2021


Contractors are known for carrying out all the necessary construction work be it any building, engineering task, or civil engineering. Hiring the New Build Contractors In Uxbridge for the construction work can guarantee you see the best results and the work is done with perfection. Whether you are planning to build a new home, or House Extensions Gerrards Cross choosing the right type & experienced contractors play an imperative part in the success of your project. Apex Build Contractors have a team of experts who have and have been handling the projects with precision & best methods.

Type of Contractors

  • Approved contractor

These are contracts that have the experience, resources, skills, and interest to make a project proposed in the right manner.

  • Construction manager

Construction managers are those who do not start the construction work on their own but have a team who will do the needful on their behalf. The clients will have to coordinate with the trade contractors.

  • Design and build contractors

These are the contractors whose work is not just limited to design & build but they are known for handling all the necessary operations and they provide the operational services along with necessary maintenance, operational work, cleaning, and much more.

  • Design and manage contractors

The contractors provide the necessary design along with the required build work. In addition, they help to do the operational work and services. They are known for doing the necessary maintenance to ensure the project is successful.

  • General or main contractor

They are the ones who are known for taking into account the entire project and they even tell the sub-contractors about what work is required to be done.

  • Management contractor

It is kind of similar to the construction manager and they are not going to handle the necessary task on their own. They have a team of contractors who will carry out the necessary work on their behalf.

  • Nominated subcontractor

Clients select the subcontractor to carry out certain work and then impose the same on the main contractor once it has been appointed.

  • Prime contractor

The client is going to be a part of the multi-project relationship in which the competition is introduced on the sub-contractor level. The prime contractors are known for handling the work of new buildings and refurbishments. The main contractors are also known as prime contractors.

  • Subcontractor

Now, if we talk about the subcontractor they are appointed by the main contractors to handle some tasks on their behalf.

  • Trade contractor

A trade contractor is a subcontractor who is chosen and does all the work under the construction manager for some part of the project. Moreover, they can keep a direct link with the client.

Hire the best contractor

Choosing the best contractor is going to make sure that the results are the best. The project is going to start in the right manner and every minute detail will be taken care of properly. If you are looking for an experienced and skilled team of contractors, then get in touch with Apex Build Contractors to make your project come into reality.