What are the aspects of the new build? What are the advantages of the same?

What are the aspects of the new build What are the advantages of the same
new build

What are the aspects of the new build? What are the advantages of the same?

  • May 4, 2021


No doubt, hiring the new build contractors is the best thing which we can do while efficiently building the house. But some people like to carry out the entire building or construction work on their own. It is beneficial too.

Aspects of the Self Build


The advantages of the self-build can be following:

  • Reduced costs

No matter how less the new build contractors are charging, but still, you cannot deny the fact that you will be inducing some expenses to pay him. To put a check on that expense you can volunteer to carry out the management work.

  • As per your specifications

Your specifications can be met as per your exact requirements. Managing the new build on your own will eventually leave you utmostly satisfied.

  • Energy efficiency

You can incorporate efficiency in your home by outlining the structure of the home with energy-efficient appliances.

Estimation of the costs

Being a self-build, you have to think about all the aspects of the costs beforehand, so that the future problems and fluctuations can completely be avoided.

So let us get to know the factors, which will help you to estimate the cost of the entire building process:

  • Dimensions

The dimensions of the area in which the construction work will be carried out matters the most in this regard.

  • Storeys

The more number of the storeys, the more budget which will be levied.

  • Layout

Your plan for the layout and structure contributes nearly 45 to 50% in this regard.

  • Specifications

Trust me you will be more conscious about the specifications of being a self-builder.

So the cost incurred in the specifications will account for approximately 30% of the total costs.

  • Financing

Building a home is not a matter of a few pennies, you will be required to have a considerable amount to pay for the different aspects of the building. No matter if it is the buying of the raw material or taking help from some professional architect for the design, you will require money.

If you have already purchased a plot for the building process, then you may not require that much money. But if you are purchasing the plot and carrying out the building activities one after another. A huge amount of money will keep on going from your hands just like the sand.


If you are not willing to carry out the self-build activities in between the running project, the following options will be available for you as the alternatives to the self build:

  • Professional management
  • Management through the main contractor
  • Custom building
  • Packaged management

Planning Permission

Whenever you are thinking of self-building your project, then first of all you should be taking planning permission. If you do so then you may fall under the sphere of legal complications. And I am sure, you do not want that. No?

Bottom Line

So if you want to consult the professionals for performing efficient self-building, then please contact us (Apex Build contractors)