How to purchase a newly constructed home? Which factors to keep in mind?

Are you purchasing the newly constructed home
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How to purchase a newly constructed home? Which factors to keep in mind?

  • May 18, 2021


According to the new build contractors,” You should, first of all, know that to buy a newly constructed home is completely different from buying the previous owner’s house.”

So today’s article is going to tell you all about what you should know about buying a newly constructed home.

  • Approach your broker

Be sure that you are using your broker. Also, you need to sign a bond with the broker since they tend to change their words once they feel that the client does not have any choice in regards to the purchase of the newly constructed house.

  • Do not hope for reductions

If you are hoping that the broker will help you to get the house at a reduced price, then do not hope for that. Since the reduction in the prices does not happen in 90% of the cases.

  • Try to get the upgraded facilities

This is the smartest way to pay less for the same property. Instead of asking the builder about the reductions in the prices, you can request them to provide you with a certain upgrade of the house. Like you can ask them to help you with the services of the electricians.

  • The warranties of the builder vary in all the cases

The warranties offered by all the builders are not the same. So make sure that you are clearing this point in the beginning to avoid any conflict in the future. AS far as the warranty scheme is concerned, you should be getting everything in writing. If the builder is not ready to provide you with the written warranty scheme, then he is making a fool of you.

  • You can ask for the changes

Each time the builder leaves the designing specification of certain regions of the home to the discretion of the client. The client will tell him about what he wants and accordingly the service is provided.

For example, The builder has left the work on the kitchen incomplete since he does not know what are the specifications of the clients as far as the tiling and the wooden work is concerned. Once the client tells you about the specifications, only then can you proceed.

  • Do not expect the perfection

Since it is the new house and has not considered any of your specifications. So the definition of perfection may not be the same for both of you. Do it is advised that you should not accept perfection since you will only get disappointed so matter how perfectly the house is built.

  • Be nice to foreman

If the builder is helping you with the additional construction facilities, then you are supposed to talk very nicely to the people associated with the construction. Nevertheless, they will only feel dedicated to complete your project with prediction, if you are nicely dealing with them.

Bottom Line

No doubt whether you are buying a newly constructed house or you are buying an already lived house, you need to be very patient while dealing with the builder and the second party.