How to choose the builder from whom you should purchase the project?

How to choose the builder from whom you should purchase the project
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How to choose the builder from whom you should purchase the project?

  • April 30, 2021


Be it, new build contractors or refurbishment contractors, every tradesman is different. If we particularly talk about the one category, then the builders are as different as the different models of the cars. They do not particularly vary as far as the price is concerned, but a huge difference can be seen in the following:

  • Quality of workmanship
  • Level of design
  • After-sales service

So let’s shed some light on the FAQs about the builder’s behaviour when he sells the project

  • Can you guess which factor is largely taken into account while choosing the builder?

Yes, you guessed it right. It is the budget that a large number of people takes into account while choosing the builder.

  • Why should the National Builder Customer satisfaction awards be considered?

This measure has been made available with the efforts of the house builders federation. It is advised to take all the year’s results into account when you are checking the builder’s HBF rating.

  • Why should the sales service and complaints record be considered?

After-sales service will help you to obtain the maximum benefit from the house. Since the builder will deal with the issues if any encounters.

  • Why are customers not satisfied with the builders once the project has been completed?

Because some builders do not provide efficient services for the resolution of the issues. They usually ignore their customers which makes the customers go infuriated. So when you are hiring a builder, ask him beforehand whether he will provide you with the services of repair and fixing once the project is over.

Tip: Don’t be fooled

When you are going to purchase a newly built home from the builder, then you should not only be having a glance at the brochure rather you should try to also visit the site of the house. Since believing merely in the videos, images and brochures is an act of foolishness. Once you have reached on site, now it will be easy for you to take the important things into account.

  • Why should I know the resale value of the new build?

What if you have to sell the property in the future? So at that time, you will surely be willing to get an amount of at least 10 % more of what you have paid to the builder. But what if the value of the house doesn’t come out to be the one which you have paid the builder. So before you purchase the house, must ask the builder about the resale value.

  • What is the builder’s approach to treating green and shared spaces?

We all know that the builders are not particularly interested in making money through sales. They are rather interested in getting extra revenue from the shared spaces and the maintenance.

Bonus Tip

Before buying a home, make sure you are visiting the site and spending a significant time over there. It will give you the idea of whether you should be choosing to buy that property or not.

Bottom Line

So if you want to purchase the home from a builder who believes in taking all the above-mentioned factors into account, then please consult the builders associated with Apex Build contractors.