How many kinds of contractors are required in the construction of a newly built house?

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How many kinds of contractors are required in the construction of a newly built house?

  • May 10, 2021


So when you are planning to build a new house, then along with the new build contractors, you will be needing the following types of contractors:

  • General contractor

A general contractor is usually responsible for hiring all the tradespeople required to finish the building or construction project.

  • Carpenter

For all the wood-related requirements like the furniture and the laying out the design and the structure of the kitchen cabinets, the general contractors hire a carpenter.

  • Electrician

For the fitting of the electrical appliances and outlining the effective plan for wiring the appliances with the circuits, the electricians are usually relied on. They also help in the repair of the electrical appliances.

  • Drywaller

The contractors specialised in this category are usually the experts in laying out the designing and the structures of the walls. Separate contractors are hired for installation purposes.

  • Plastering

When the bricks are structured in a particular shape, then plastering is carried out afterwards which helps in making the structure firm.

  • Painter

Once the plastering is done, then the structure must be aesthetically appealing, then for that, you need to take the services of a painter who would help you to get a colourful view of the home.

  • Wallpaper installer

The contractors expert in pasting the wallpapers and designing the wallpaper as per the specification of the client comes under this category of the contractors.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

The experts of this category help you to get installed and perfectly fit with the heating and the air conditioning. They do not help in the installation alone. Rather they help in the repairing and the maintenance of the ventilation systems, heating equipment and air conditioning.

  • Mason

Do you love the view of stone in any area of your house? It could be anything like the pavement, fireplace beautifully clad in the stonework, the incredible marble work on the countertop.

  • Roofer

This is the crucial work in the construction of any building or residential property. The roofers are accountable for doing the entire roofing work.

  • Excavator

If you were earlier having a home or any property built on the same plot on which you are thinking to construct all the new property from the scratch, then you should be taking the help of the excavator who would help to eradicate the bits of the previously built property from the foundation.

  • Demolition

With the use of the different equipment, these specialists facilitate the demolition of the previously built house to make space for the new build.

  • Floor Laying

The floor can be laid out with the help of the floor laying specialist. They are expert in designing the variegated type of floors as per your choice.

  • Glass and Glazing

A house is incomplete if it does not have windows. The windows are required in each room of the house. So for that, you should be hiring glass and glazing experts.

Bottom LIne

There are so many contractors required to build a particular property6. But you should be very aware of whether you are hiring the right contractors or not.