How does the new build services cope up with the modern vs antique theme?

How does the newbuild services cope up with the modern vs antique theme
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How does the new build services cope up with the modern vs antique theme?

  • March 4, 2021


We know that whenever it is the time to do a new start, then couples often lookup for new build houses to create new memories. By acknowledging this fact, we have brought about a quintessentially important service and that is new build services. New build contractors in Uxbridge aims at providing you with ultimate comfort and convenience as far as the new look is concerned. So today we are going to tell you how we carry out such services and what makes us do with such precision.

  • Specifications

We take ultimate care of your specifications. Because we know, how minute details keep importance for you. The minute details include everything from the choice of colours of a wall to the type of chairs. Sometimes the little specifications hold an ultimate value because they have some emotional attachment with the minute details.

As one of our clients was of the view that he wants every aspect of the house carried out with the instructed details. So he instructed us that he wants to give his home a vintage look. So we made sure that from the colour of the walls to the utensils present in the kitchen, we want to make sure that everything is done per the details of the antique look.

  • Low maintenance

Giving an antique look to the new build house was a matter of huge pressure. Because everybody knows what is going in the present and what will consequently come up in the future. But the past is something which nobody thinks about. So we carried out heavy research of what extraordinary and the box thing can we do with this antique look. We came up with the amazing ideas of not only giving a vintage appearance to the house but also making it linked with nature by following greenery enhancing approaches.

Kids Special

The couple had two children, as they were kids so they want everything modern in their room. It again came up as a big challenge for us because giving a room a touch of modernity and the whole house a vintage will make the emergence of the property irrelevant. But we never disappoint any of our clients whether they are adults or children. After deliberating for long hours with our expert team of architects, we came up with the thought that if kids want modernity in their room, then why not divide the zones of the home into two perspectives – one with an ancient look and the other with a modern look. The family was so happy because the desires of everybody were kept in the account along with the look of perfection and the relevant theme.

Final Thoughts

We were highly admired for handling this project. Not only because we came up with a brilliant idea but because the quality of material which we used in building the house was quintessentially high. The team of architects helps to layout the structure of the housekeeping in mind the interior aspects of the house.