Everything about the loft conversion procedure in London

loft conversion

Everything about the loft conversion procedure in London

  • December 21, 2020


Why do you need to select the loft conversion?

Loft conversions in London are gaining huge demand because of the way it benefits the house owners.

  • Increased home value

If we look at it from the point of ROI, it is difficult to not choose the loft conversion. The work will be done on the existing area so that the cost comes down. Also, you are having a completely new place which creates a functional space. With the loft conversion, a new and valuable area is going to be added. If you are choosing loft conversion to add a new bedroom then the home value will increase by 5% to 7%.

  • Permitted development rights

A loft conversion is benefited with the planning scheme which is referred to as permitted development rights. This allows the homeowner to increase the living space without the need of getting planning permission.

  • Great choice of designs

If you want to be creative, then there is no other better choice as compared to this. Loft conversions are versatile. If you have an experienced person by your side then they are going to assist you with the right choice.

  • Increased energy efficiency

Another great benefit of having a loft conversion is that your home has increased energy-efficiency. It is true that in most homes, heat is lost through the roofs and if the property is older then there can be great issues. If you are going to convert the older property, then the insulation feature will be there, and less impact will be there on the environment. Most importantly, energy bills are going to decrease.

To get the perfect view, the loft conversion is going to be the ultimate choice. Moreover, it increases the security of the entire place.

What are the types of a loft conversion?

  • Skylight loft conversion
  • Flat roof (‘box’) dormer
  • Mansard loft conversion
  • Hip to gable

 Is your roof suitable?

Well, not all the roofs are suitable for conversion. Few factors need to be kept in mind so that the project becomes viable.

Type of Roof

Traditional roof

These are also referred to as London roofs. These roofs are formed in the M shape and at the highest point they are measured 2.2 meters.

Modern trussed roof

Well, these are found in homes and these are constructed with rafters and they form the W shape and at the highest point, these are 2.4 meters. The W shape is going to take a lot of space.

Do you have enough room?

Once you work out which type of loft is present in the home, it is important to measure the area, and then the work needs to be started. Well, there are 2 important factors which need to be considered are:

  • Floor area
  • Roof angle